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All my favourite bag making things.

Welcome to my secret stash of bag making wonders! You won't believe how many times I've been asked about my go-to supplies and trusty tools. So, I thought, why not spill the beans and create a page that's like a treasure map to all my crafting essentials?

Get ready to dive into a comprehensive list of goodies that I not only use but downright adore! Seriously, if it doesn't make my creative heart flutter, it won't make it on this list. Only the crème de la crème of crafting finds are allowed!

But wait, there's a catch! Don't worry, it's a good one. I promise. Cross my heart and thread my needle, I ONLY recommend products that I genuinely use and absolutely LOVE. If it doesn't pass my creativity test with flying colors, it's off the list, no questions asked.

Remember, the key to my creative kingdom is just a click away, and your support means the world to this crafty soul. Happy crafting, my fellow creative adventurers! 

*Now, let me be real with you - some of these links are affiliates. But hey, here's the cool part: using these links won't cost you a single extra penny! Instead, it's like you're giving me a high-five and a virtual hug, because a small commission comes my way. And trust me, that commission helps keep my crafty dreams alive!

Fabric Suppliers

Sewing Room Essentials
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