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Learn Bag Making with Me Made Makes.

At Me Made Makes, I am passionate about helping people develop their bag-making skills. The UK Bag Makers Sew-ciety community offers a wealth of resources, through my podcasts, YouTube channel and blog posts. Whether you're new to the craft or looking to take your skills to the next level, our expert guidance and support will help you succeed.

Image by Mojor Zhu
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With a sense of camaraderie that could rival a squad of superheroes, The Bag Makers Sew-ciety Facebook Group brings bag makers together like a magnet for creative geniuses. It's like having a secret hideout where you can unleash your bag-making superpowers and mingle with fellow artisans who truly get your obsession.

Image by Fath

Get ready to have your bag-loving mind blown by the incredible UK Bag Maker Sew-ciety Podcast! The podcast is like a treasure trove of knowledge for all bag enthusiasts out there. From the secrets of stitching to the mysteries of materials, we cover all the topics that every bag maker dreams about.

Image shows somes taking sewing lessons they are sitting in front of a sewing machine with fabric

My bag making YouTube channel is the perfect resource for anyone interested in learning the art of bag making. My tutorials offer detailed instruction on how to make a variety of bags, from purses and backpacks to tote bags and more.  Click on the picture to visit our channel.


Why should I choose Me Made Makes to help me learn bag making?

When contemplating the pursuit of bag making knowledge, it becomes imperative to carefully consider the individual who will guide you along this creative journey. Allow me to present myself as an exemplary choice for such a role. With an extensive background in bag making and a deep passion for imparting knowledge, I possess the necessary expertise and dedication to ensure your learning experience is nothing short of exceptional. Through my meticulous instruction, you will gain invaluable insights into the art of bag making, acquiring the skills and techniques required to bring your visions to life. 

How do I follow Me Made Makes different learning channels and social media?

 If you're eager to stay connected with me and join the fun, here's the lowdown on how to follow me across various platforms. First things first, head over to my YouTube channel, where I share captivating videos that'll keep you hooked. If you're a podcast lover, tune in to my awesome podcast, filled with intriguing discussions and thought-provoking topics. Want to be a part of an engaging community? Join my lively Facebook group and like my page for regular updates. Lastly, for all the visual aficionados out there, hop on over to Instagram for a regular dose of eye-catching content. So, what are you waiting for? Let's embark on this digital adventure together!

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