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A visit to every Bag Makers dream, GH Leather in Whitechapel.

So today I visited GH Leather Ltd in Whitechapel, I am in London for a training/business event and thought why not make the most of my trip and visit this shop which I have had my eye on for a while.

Just off the main street and opposite Sainsbury's it couldn't have been easier to find, upon entering the shop I was greeted by not only a really helpful member of staff called Dean who offered me a glass a water. I think he could tell I was blowing out of my backside after a 45 minute walk from London Bridge, but by the most amazing array of beautiful leathers in a vast variety of colours.

I explained to Dean I had only just ventured into sewing with leather and showed him the types of bags I sew, his knowledge meant he could advise me which leather would be best for me and he showed me the discounted ranged downstairs as well as the full hides upstairs explaining the different types to me as he went.

Sensing I was a bit of a magpie, he left me to wander round the shop with me wide eyes, drinking in all the beauty, at no point was there any hard sell and even though I arrived at the shop about 40 minutes before closing I wasn't rushed at all.

I left the shop with 5 carrier bags of goodies and head full of what I want to make with the beautiful leather i have. I will make a haul video to show you what I got in the next few days.

GH leather have a website that you can buy from, but the lovely lady who served me said that if you ring up to order they can often advise if they have what you are after in the discontinued section and they are also able to send out samples for you to colour match.

I will definitely be back and I even think that if and when I need to stock up on leather again, a trip from the North East down on the train with a large suitcase and grumpy to carry it would be well worth it.

I would highly recommend an in person if your in the area or a visit to the website if your further a field.

Until next time, Happy sewing

Deb x

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What a find! Thanks for the post, Deb - definitely now on my list of places to visit😊.

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