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Creating a Crafty Community: Join the best bag making group on Facebook.

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

In October 2021, a delightful virtual crafty community came to life, uniting bag makers across the United Kingdom in a space free from restrictions and full of creativity. The UK Bag Makers Sew-ciety Facebook group, lovingly founded to provide a haven for bag makers to connect and chat all things bag-making, has quickly become a hub of inspiration and camaraderie. This uplifting community embraces the simple principle of kindness, allowing its members to unleash their creativity, share ideas, and form meaningful connections. When I started the UK Bag Makers Sew-ciety I thought maybe a few people would join and today we stand at just over 3100 amazing members, each of whom really makes the community what it is.

At the heart of the UK Bag Makers Sew-ciety lies a fertile ground for creativity to flourish. Bag makers, both seasoned and new, have found a haven where they can showcase their creations, share innovative techniques, and seek advice on projects. The group serves as a limitless resource, inspiring members to push the boundaries of their craft and continuously evolve as bag makers.

The founding principle of the group is simple yet powerful: be kind. Unlike many online communities, the UK Bag Makers Sew-ciety minimises rules and restrictions to foster an environment of trust and respect. This approach encourages open dialogue, constructive feedback, and genuine support, allowing members to express themselves freely without fear of judgement. I really haven't ever been in an online space that is as supportive as the sew-ciety is.

Joining the UK Bag Makers Sew-ciety is akin to discovering a treasure trove of kindred spirits. Engaging in conversations with fellow bag makers from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives enables the formation of strong bonds and lasting friendships. The group's friendly atmosphere creates a safe space for members to share their passion, discuss challenges, and celebrate successes together.

Within the UK Bag Makers Sew-ciety, knowledge flows freely. Members generously share their expertise, tips, and tricks, allowing others to learn and grow. Whether you're a novice eager to grasp bag-making fundamentals or an expert looking to refine your skills, this group offers an abundance of learning opportunities for all.

Showcasing one's latest bag creations is a gratifying experience, and the group heartily embraces the "show and tell" tradition. Members eagerly share their completed bags, works in progress, and fabric hauls, sparking admiration and enthusiasm throughout the community. The collective encouragement and positive feedback reinforce the joy of bag making.

The UK Bag Makers Sew-ciety is a place where confidence in one's skills grows. Members receive genuine encouragement and praise, empowering them to take on ambitious projects they might not have considered otherwise. The sense of achievement derived from the group's support fuels a passion for bag making that knows no bounds.

The UK Bag Makers Sew-ciety Facebook group, with its foundation of kindness and openness, has emerged as a trans-formative space for bag makers across the United Kingdom. This vibrant community not only encourages creative expression but also fosters genuine connections, knowledge sharing, and a profound sense of belonging. By embracing simplicity and a spirit of camaraderie, this exceptional group has unlocked the true potential of bag makers, ensuring their craft continues to flourish. So, if you're a bag maker seeking a warm and inviting space to share your passion, the UK Bag Makers Sew-ciety awaits with open arms, ready to celebrate your journey and inspire your creativity. Join today and experience the magic of this uplifting community firsthand!

Until next time, Happy sewing and may your bobbin always be full

Deb x

Chief Stitcher at Me Made Makes.

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