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Embark on a love affair with the Studio 7T7: An amazing bag making community.

Updated: Apr 12

Hey there, fellow bag aficionados! Buckle up, because today I'm going to introduce you to a world of creativity, camaraderie, and jaw-dropping bag patterns that have truly stolen my heart. Studio 7T7

Picture this: a treasure trove of bag-making knowledge and monthly patterns at your fingertips, all thanks to the brilliant mind behind it all – Emma. Yep, she's the maestro leading this symphony of fabric and threads, and let me tell you, it's nothing short of magical.

So, Emma's got this fantastic bag making membership - the studio 7T7 club that's basically like joining a secret society of bag-making wizards. I mean, seriously, she's giving you the keys to a vault filled with bag-making secrets! Need to sew the perfect stitch? Boom, it's in there. Curious about the art of impeccable bag design? You got it. Whether you're a total newbie or a seasoned pro, there's something in this vault for everyone.

But hold your sewing machines, because that's not all. Emma's got you hooked up with monthly patterns that are so chic, they practically strut off the screen. You will struggle to decide which one to make first – the stylish tote for a daily adventures or the intricately designed masterpiece that you'll probably stare at lovingly more than you'll use. Choices, choices!

And then, just when I thought it couldn't get any cooler, Studio 7T7 drops the mic with their bi-monthly Bag Makers Box. Yes, you heard right. Every two months, a package of pure bag making delight lands on your door mat. Imagine the joy of unwrapping that box, like Christmas morning tailored to your creative dreams. Inside, you'll find materials, supplies, and all the goodies you need to whip up a bag that'll make others green with envy. And the best part? You're not just getting stuff – oh no – there's a pattern ideas in there, too, complete with discount codes. It's like getting the recipe AND the ingredients for a masterpiece!

But wait, there's more! Emma's not content with just being a bag-making guru; she's also a YouTube superstar. Her channel is like a bag-making boot camp, except it's way more fun and less yelling. You'll find tutorials that break down her awe-inspiring patterns (yes, including the infamous shark pouch that's basically the coolest thing ever), along with tips and tricks that'll make you feel like a bag-making ninja.

That's not all hold on to your bobbins – Emma is more than just the wizard behind the curtain. She's also a presenter on Sewing Street, where she showcases her skills and shares her boundless passion for bag making. Watching her in action is like witnessing a crafting virtuoso at work, and trust me, it's as captivating as it sounds.

Now, here's where it gets personal. Emma isn't just a crafting dynamo; she's also been a personal cheerleader and supporter. As I ventured into the world of starting my own channel and business, she was there with a virtual high-five, offering advice and encouragement like the crafting BFF I never knew I needed. She's not just building bags; she's building a community, and that sense of belonging is something truly special.

Head over to Emma's corner of the internet, soak up the knowledge, feast your eyes on the patterns, and dive headfirst into the awesomeness that's waiting for you. Emma and her Studio 7T7 crew are like the cool kids' table of the crafting world, and trust me, you'll want a seat. Let's show her some love, folks as we are a community renowned for its support and enthusiasm.

Thank you Emma for being a true inspiration.

Until next time, happy sewing and may your bobbin always be full.

Deb x

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