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How I Boosted My Small Business Website Traffic by 966% - A Creatives Journey

Welcome to my latest blog post where I share the secrets behind my website's impressive traffic growth as a small creative business owner. I'm Deb Jameson, the face behind Me Made Makes, specialising in bag making supplies. Today, I'll delve into the strategies that helped me achieve a 966% growth in organic traffic over the past year.

A Stark Contrast

A year ago, my website was just ticking over. Sales were coming in, but not enough to comfortably cover the bills. I knew something had to change. The difference between last year's performance and now is night and day, and I'm excited to share how I made that happen.

Why I Ditched Popular Platforms

One of my first realisations was the need to make my website the primary point of contact for customers, avoiding platforms like eBay and Esty where managing inventory across multiple platforms was becoming a nightmare.

The Role of Mentorship.

I was fortunate to come across Pamela from Worley Creative, whose social media tips were just the tip of the iceberg. Joining her low-cost monthly membership The Visibility Society opened a treasure trove of targeted advice and personalised feedback through monthly "website surgeries." One of the first major changes I made was participating in a website surgery session with Pamela. This focused on making the website less transactional and more customer-centric.

Refocusing the Website.

Under Pamela's guidance, I transformed my website from a simple sales platform to a customer-centric portal. We started by restructuring the entire site, categorizing products more logically to improve both navigation and SEO. This shift in perspective was crucial in making my website more user-friendly and engaging.

Adding a Personal Touch.

A significant change was personalising the site with my backstory and a photo, which, despite my initial hesitation, greatly enhanced the site's authenticity. This not only attracted more customers but also built a stronger connection with them.

Embracing Continuous Improvement.

The journey didn't stop with a few tweaks. The website is constantly evolving—adjusting pages, adding new content, and continually enhancing the user experience to keep up with customer needs and preferences. Staying adaptable and open to new ideas is key to maintaining and growing website traffic.

Community and Support.

Being part of a supportive membership community has been invaluable. It's a space for learning, sharing, and growing alongside fellow entrepreneurs who understand the unique challenges and victories of running a creative business. This sense of community provided both inspiration and practical tips that were instrumental in my website's growth.

A Call to Action for Fellow Creatives.

For my fellow creatives teetering on the edge of starting their own website or improving an existing one, remember the power of seeing your business through the eyes of your customers. This customer-first perspective will guide you in optimizing your website not just as a sales tool, but as a resource for those who visit.

Parting Thoughts.

My website's growth is a testament to the power of strategic improvement and community support. If you're on a similar journey, consider stepping out of your comfort zone and rethinking how your website can serve not just your business goals, but your customers' needs. Prioritising your own website over third-party platforms is crucial for growth with in a small creative business.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or need further insight, feel free to drop a comment below or reach out through my contact page. Until next time, keep creating and innovating!

Until next time

Deb x

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