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Spilling the Tea: A Week of Business Adventures, Tech Woes, and Bag-Making Bliss!

Hey there, lovely readers! Time to spill the tea on my whirlwind week! 🍵

First up, I took a fab trip to Manchester for a business event. The energy was buzzing, and I soaked up the inspiration like a sponge! While there, I couldn't resist swinging by Abakhan – what a treasure trove! Their selection was jaw-dropping, and can we talk about the staff? Superstars. The kindness and knowledge they shared made the visit even sweeter.

Now, let's talk tech drama. My trusty old laptop waved the white flag and said, "No more!" Dealing with podcast recording and video editing became a true challenge. But guess what? Say hello to my shiny new computer! I am in love!!!! Fingers crossed, this means smoother sailing ahead, and I can finally catch up on those videos and podcast episodes you've been waiting for. Thanks a bunch for your patience!

Speaking of updates, my website got a major makeover. Loads of new goodies have landed, and I'm thrilled to have finally completed a stock check – oh boy, it felt like a marathon! But hey, it's all worth it if it means a smoother shopping experience for you. Keeping those bag-making supplies in check is no small feat, let me tell you!

Now, let's take a breather. Even though my sewing machine had to take a backseat this week, I've been on the go like a caffeine-fuelled squirrel. Between business matters and the tech rollercoaster, I'm amazed I'm still standing. But hey, the hustle never stops, right?

So, that's my jam-packed week wrapped up with a bow. Stay fabulous, keep creating those stunning bags, and I'll catch you next time for more tea-spilling adventures!

Until next time happy sewing and may your bobbin always be full


Chief Stitcher at Me Made Makes

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