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Plush Addict's closure in the face of changing tides - a sad for the sewing and bag making community.

Updated: Apr 12

In the world of crafting and creativity, Plush Addict has stood as a beacon of inspiration and resources for over a decade. For eleven years, this sewing and haberdashery store has been a beloved haven for sewists, crafters, and makers alike. But now, amidst the challenging currents of the current global climate, Plush Addict has sadly announced its closure. This closure is not just a loss for its loyal customers, but it also underscores the far-reaching impacts of significant shifts, from Brexit's aftermath to the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce giants like Amazon. You can read there full announcement here.

Founded over a decade ago, Plush Addict has been more than just a store; it has been a community. Its shelves lined with vibrant fabrics, an extensive collection of threads, buttons of all sizes, and tools for all sewing needs, the store was a treasure trove for anyone who loved to create. Whether you were a seasoned seamstress or a curious beginner, Plush Addict was a place where ideas came to life and where creativity blossomed.

The journey over the years, however, has not been without challenges. The aftermath of Brexit cast a shadow over businesses across various sectors, and Plush Addict was no exception. The complexities of trade regulations, customs, and taxes brought about unexpected hurdles. Suppliers that were once readily accessible were now harder to reach, leading to disruptions in the supply chain. These obstacles not only affected a store's inventory but also impacted a store's ability to provide the wide range of options its customers had come to expect.

As if navigating the post-Brexit landscape wasn't enough, the rise of online retail behemoth Amazon further complicated matters. Amazon's vast resources and aggressive strategies have changed the game for many small businesses. Plush Addict, like many others, found itself in a position where it had to constantly adapt to Amazon's ever-changing terms and conditions. The goalposts for competing in the online market were continuously moving, making it challenging for smaller businesses to keep up. Then the announcement that payouts would be held back for extended periods of time was just the final nail in the coffin.

Amidst these pressures and uncertainties, Plush Addict's owner has made the difficult decision to close its doors. The decision was not taken lightly, as the store's closure represents the end of an era for many loyal customers who have found solace, creativity, and camaraderie within its walls.

While the closure of Plush Addict is undoubtedly a sad moment, it serves as a stark reminder of the broader challenges that small businesses face in today's rapidly changing world. It is a call to action for consumers to consider the impact of their choices, not just on prices and convenience, but on the livelihoods of the artisans and entrepreneurs who pour their passion into their work. It's a reminder that every purchase we make has the power to shape the landscape of our communities.

As we bid farewell to Plush Addict, we celebrate the years of creativity it has fostered and the memories it has created. Let us remember the store not just for its threads and fabrics, but for the connections it facilitated and the dreams it helped bring to life. And as we move forward, may we continue to support and uplift the small businesses that infuse our lives with color, imagination, and a sense of community.

Until next time, happy sewing and may your bobbin always be full and please remember to support small business where possible.

Deb x

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