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Add a touch of nature to your bag making projects with our Echinacea Novelty Zipper Pulls. These delightful zipper pulls feature a beautiful Echinacea flower design that adds a fresh and vibrant feel to any bag.


Specifically designed for use with #5 nylon coil zipper tape, these zipper pulls are easy to attach and will securely fasten your bags. Perfect for adding a fun and unique element to your handmade creations, these Echinacea Novelty Zipper Pulls are a must-have for any bag maker looking to infuse their designs with a touch of nature.


Whether you're creating backpacks, purses, or pouches, these zipper pulls are sure to add a whimsical charm to your finished products.


#5 Echinacea Novelty Zipper Pulls fits the Me Made Makes range of #5 zipper tape perfectly.


#5 Echinacea Novelty Zipper Pulls colours available:

Gun Metal Black,


Light Gold,

Brushed Brass

Rose Gold



#5 Echinacea Novelty Zipper Pulls Material:

Zinc Alloy


#5 Echinacea Novelty Zipper Pulls Size:<