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Me Made Makes White Waxy Tailors Chalk is a must-have for any bag maker. This chalk is perfect for marking fabric when cutting or sewing, providing a clear and accurate line. It is easy to apply, the waxy tailors chalk disappears after 8-24 hours or can be easily removed after use with a damp cloth. The waxy texture of this chalk ensures that it will not crumble or break apart when used. Has a waxy soap like texture create thin marking on fabrics.

Test on a test piece of fabric before using for the first time.

Do not use on right side of waterproof fabric.


White Waxy Tailors Marking Chalk Size:

40mm x 40mm


White Waxy Tailors Marking Chalk Quantities:

1 piece


Why should I choose Me Made Makes for my bag making supplies?

Give your bag making projects a professional and stylish finish, all of the bag making supplies I sell are the same as I use in all my handmade bags and purses. I source my hardware range from a variety of different suppliers to ensure I can bring you the best range at the best price. 

As a bag maker myself I understand the need for good quality products at an affordable price and pride myself on giving excellent customer service.


White Waxy Tailors Marking Chalk (1pc)