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Bag makers delight: 5 free bag patterns to supercharge your bag-making skills.

Updated: 7 days ago

Hey there, fellow bag enthusiasts! Are you ready to level up your bag-making game and dive into some crafty adventures? Look no further! I've rounded up my five favourite free bag-making patterns that will not only spark joy in your creative heart but also equip you with nifty skills to conquer future bag-making projects. So, strap in, grab your fabric stash, your favourite bag making supplies and let's get creating with some fantastic bag-making fun!

1. Sunshine Cross body by Bag Stock Designs - A Zipper Pocket Galore!

Kicking things off is the Sunshine Cross body by Bag Stock Designs. This pattern is perfect for those who adore exterior zipper pockets. You know what they say: zippers make everything better! Learning how to insert an exterior zipper pocket is a game-changer in the bag-making world. It's like adding a secret pocket of wonder to your bag, ready to hold all your essentials while flaunting your bag-making prowess. The Sunshine Cross body has you covered with clear instructions, so you'll be zipping along in no time!

2. Miss Maggie Handbag by Emmaline Bags - Bag Making Hardware Heaven!

Next up, we have the glamorous Miss Maggie Handbag by Emmaline Bags. Who doesn't love a bag that's not only stylish but also has the perfect hardware bling? This pattern is your ticket to becoming a bag strap hardware aficionado! You'll learn how to add those fancy hardware bits that transform your bags into veritable fashion statements. With Miss Maggie by Emmaline Bags, you'll be strutting the streets with a bag that screams, "I'm fabulous, and I know it!"

3. Mini Dollie Bag by Swoon - Scraptastic Wonder!

Calling all fabric hoarders and scrap lovers! The Mini Dollie Bag by Swoon is here to rescue those precious fabric remnants from oblivion. This pint-sized beauty is the perfect project to showcase your fabric collection while creating a gift-worthy masterpiece. Who wouldn't love receiving a handmade bag crafted with love and an assortment of delightful fabric scraps? The Mini Dollie by Swoon is your mini hero, and gifting just got a whole lot cooler!

4. Shazzy Wristlet by Oro Rosa - Pockets of Organizational Bliss!

Now, let's get organised with the Shazzy Wristlet Bag by Oro Rosa. This pattern is your secret weapon for adding card slots and internal slip pockets. Imagine a bag where your cards have their designated slots, and your phone slides into a luxurious slip pocket like it's coming home. The Shazzy Wristlet turns chaos into harmony, and you'll be an organisational wizard in no time. Say goodbye to the endless search for your cards and hello to seamless bag functionality!

5. Sling Bag by Mrs H - Beginners' Dream Come True!

Last but not least, we have the Sling Bag by Mrs H. This one's for the beginners out there who want to dip their toes into the world of bag making without being overwhelmed by hardware galore. Minimal bag making supplies, maximum style - that's the motto here! Mrs H has got you covered with a beginner-friendly pattern that's easy to follow and results in a chic sling bag perfect for everyday use. It's a fantastic starting point for your bag-making journey!

There you have it, my fellow bag-loving comrades - five fabulous and free bag-making patterns that will leave you brimming with newfound skills and confidence. From zippers to hardware, fabric scraps to organisational pockets, and beginner-friendly projects, this delightful assortment has something for every bag enthusiast. So, go forth and conquer the bag-making world with style, creativity, and a whole lot of crafty love!

Until next time, Happy sewing, and may your bobbin always be full!

Deb xxx


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