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Bag making interfacing by Me Made MAkes

Bag making interfacing and stabilisers.

Me Made Makes, where your bag-making projects find their ideal companion: the exceptional Bag Making Interfacing and Stabilisers. Discover woven and non-woven options meticulously chosen to bestow your bags with a polished, professional finish. Craft with confidence and create bags that stand out for their quality and style. Explore our collection now, and witness how Me Made Makes empowers you to turn fabrics into functional and stylish masterpieces. With our bag making interfacing and stabilizers, every stitch you make is a step towards craftsmanship that speaks volumes.

Woven and non woven interfacing for bag making, the essential ingredient to making the perfect bag.

Image by Fleur

Why should I choose Me Made Makes for my bag making interfacing and stabilisers?

Me Made Makes bag making interfacing is the perfect choice for any bag making project. Choose from woven cotton interfacing and non woven interfacing varieties, allowing you to pick the option that best suits your bag making project. It is easy to use and provides a professional finish to any bag or purse you create. My selection of bag making interfacing and stabilisers will give your projects a durable and crisp finish. My range of bag making interfacing and stablisiers includes Vilene fusible non woven interfacing F220, H250 as well Decovil light and Decovil heavy fusible stabiliser and H640 fusible fleece. My own brand of fusible woven cotton interfacing which comes in light, medium and heavy weight, so you are sure to find the perfect woven coven interfacing to match your bag making project. I now also stock a generic fusible fleece and a generic Peltex substitute fusible stabiliser. These are all the same bag making interfacings that I use to create my own beautifully handcrafted handbags and purses.​ 

How will my bag making interfacing and stabiliser be sent to me?

All my orders are sent out via royal mail and you are able to choose the delivery method you prefer at checkout. The bag making interfacings and stabilisers are sent out folded, on receiving your bag making interfacing and stabilisers please unfold and re roll to avoid permanent creasing. Any bag making interfacing or stabiliser that is sold is increments of 1/2m or 1m when purchased in multiple quantities will be sent in a continuous piece, but in pieces no longer than 5m (so if you were to order 10m you would be sent 2 x 5m pieces) This is due to the size of my work area and to enable folding the bag making interfacing and stabilisers safely.

How do I fuse my Me Made Makes bag making interfacing and stabilisers to my fabrics?

When fusing bag making interfacing and stabilisers to fabrics in your bag making projects you need to consider whether the interfacing or stabiliser is woven or non woven first of all.

  • Woven fusible cotton interfacing and stabilisers should always be fused without steam, it is best practise to use a pressing cloth with the fabric wrong side up and the fusible woven cotton interfacing or stabiliser glue side down and a pressing cloth over the top to protect. Then press on a cotton setting without steam for around 8-10 seconds, then move the iron or pressing equipment and press the next section until the piece is completely fused.

  • Non woven fusible interfacing and stabilisers need to fused in the same way with the glue side to the wrong side of the fabric and protected with a pressing cloth except with non woven fusible interfacing and stabilisers the use of steam is introduced to effect a strong and durable bond.

With both non woven and woven bag making interfacing and stabilisers when pressing don't moved the iron as you fuse press and hold and you risk stretching out the fabric or interfacing if you move and pull as the two are fused together.

Once your bag making interfacing and stabilisers and fabrics are fully fused together leave to cool completely before starting your project this will mean your fabric has completely bonded to the interfacing or stabilisers it has been attached too.

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