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Exciting Rebrand: The Bag Makers Sewciety Podcast Returns

Rebranding the Bag Makers Sewciety Podcast: A Fresh Start with Deb Jameson

Hey everyone, it's Deb Jameson here from Me Made Makes, and I’ve got some thrilling news for all you bag-making addicts out there! After a bit of a break, I’m ecstatic to announce the rebranding of my beloved podcast. Drum roll, please... introducing the "Bag Makers Sewciety" podcast!

The Rebranding Announcement

Let’s get to the big announcement! My podcast, which had taken a little pause, is back with a brand new lay out. This fresh start symbolizes a new beginning, filled with exciting content and vibrant energy for our wonderful bag-making community.

Why the Break?

You might be wondering why there was such a long break. Well, life threw some wonderful events my way, including my wedding! With so much going on, I needed to take some time off. But now, I’m back and more ready than ever to dive into this journey with you all.

What’s New in the Format?

I’m really excited about the new format. The podcast will now focus on interviews and chat-style sessions. I’ll be bringing on a variety of guests from the bag-making community. We’re talking seasoned bag makers, pattern designers, small business owners, and even beginners. This diverse mix will keep things fresh and super engaging.

Going Live: Keeping It Real

One of the changes I’m most excited about is the introduction of live interviews. By going live, we can maintain a natural conversation flow and skip the extensive editing. This way, each episode will have its own unique charm and authenticity.

Consistent Scheduling

Consistency is key, right? That’s why I’m committing to releasing new episodes weekly. At the end of each week’s session, I’ll give you a little teaser about our next guest. I hope this regular schedule keeps you eagerly anticipating the next episode.

Engage with the Community

I truly value community engagement, so I’m encouraging all of you to suggest potential guests and share your own bag-making journeys. This interactive approach will help build a sense of community and ensure our content stays relevant and interesting.

Reaching Out Globally

Although I’m focusing on our amazing UK community, I’m also keen to include bag makers from around the world. Bringing in a global perspective will enrich our content and provide diverse insights and experiences.

Accessibility for All

I understand the importance of accessibility, so all episodes will be available on YouTube. Plus, I’m exploring options to upload audio versions to Spotify. This way, you can enjoy the podcast wherever you prefer.

Wrapping Up

The rebranded Bag Makers Sewciety podcast is set to be a hub of creativity, learning, and community spirit. With this new chapter, I promise to bring you even more excitement and inclusivity. Whether you're a seasoned bag maker or a curious beginner, there's something for everyone in the Bag Makers Sewciety podcast.

Stay tuned for the weekly episodes and don’t forget to suggest your favourite bag makers as potential guests. Happy sewing!


Q: What is the new name of the podcast? A: The podcast is still the same name the "Bag Makers Sewciety" podcast, just a new layout

Q: Why was there a break in the podcast? A: The podcast was paused due to my personal life events, including my wedding.

Q: What can listeners expect from the new format? A: The new format will focus on interviews and chat-style sessions with diverse guests from the bag-making community.

Q: When will new episodes be released? A: New episodes will be released weekly Tuesday at 8pm live on YouTube, with the next guest announced at the end of each week’s session. Subscribe to my channel and tap the bell to be notified of any video as they release.

Q: How can I suggest a guest for the podcast? A: I encourage you to suggest potential guests by sharing your ideas and bag-making journeys.

Q: Will the podcast be available on platforms other than YouTube? A: Yes, I’m exploring options to upload audio versions to Spotify for wider accessibility.

Until next time , happy sewing and may your bobbin always be full

Deb x

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