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Do I need an industrial sewing machine to sew handbags and purses?

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Watch any you tube video on bag making and I would guess that around 90% use an industrial sewing machine, but before you rush out and spend all your hard earn pennies do you really need an industrial sewing machine to make your own handbags and purses.

So before I start yes I have an industrial machine I have a jack h2 literally called Jack.

But I sewed by bags and purses on domestic machines for years on domestic machines you can get domestic machines that are more heavy duty such as the janome Hd9 like my Jill

But again you can make bags and purses on other domestic sewing machines its all about being clever with things like keeping your interfacing out of the seams so it's reduces the bulk for sewing through them, using the right needle for thicker seams, if your are using the incorrect needle for thick seams the bobbin thread will be unable to catch the loop, therefore resulting in missed stitches if you find this is happening switch to a bigger needle.

When sewing through bulky seams go slow it's not a race and definitely not one you'll win if you try to rush, take you time let the machine do the work, use aids such as hump jumpers (see picture above) to help you over the really difficult parts, don't pull the seam through the machine let the feed dogs do the work, trying to force the project through with result in broken needles, possibly torn fabric and definitely lots of swear words escaping your mouth 😊. Adjusting the foot pressure can also help to ease bigger seams through the sewing machine.

If you find you machine just really isn't coping, look at some of the vintage sewing machine, these are well built solid machines that can sew through multiple layers with ease and can be picked up quite cheaply. They are fairly easy to maintain and repair and there are lots of resources on youtube to help. This is one of my machine having a service 😊

Picking patterns and fabrics that are domestic machine friendly will also certainly help too and one last tip is trying different feet on your machine to help such as walking foot this helps to feet fabric through evenly or a teflon foot which is really useful when sewing with vinyl.

I hope this post has been help.

Until next time.



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