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Getting out of my bag making comfort zone - sewing the Hayley Wristlet.

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Its scary getting out of your comfort zone, and I, more than most avoid that like the plague. This week though I did just that and did something I've being saying I will do for a long time, I finally uploaded my first you tube video. Its not perfect, camera angle is wrong as some of what I am doing is out of view, I hate my voice and I say erm!!! a lot. I could have took the easy option and deleted the entire video and started again (like I have done 20 times before) but I put my big girl pants on and uploaded it, and you know what it was'nt that bad. People have said it was helpful, I learnt things such as change the camera angle slightly, be slightly more organised, to upload from the laptop not my phone and most of all to just enjoy it.

I have at least one video planned for next week and because I've said it here I have commited myself to do it.

So this weeks lesson learnt (well apart from don't shave your legs by candle light and to not trust google maps while driving through newcastle ) is to just do it. Life is too short to not do what you love and I love to make bags and sew and I love to teach. So here I am sewing and teaching. If you want to give my video a watch here it is

Til the next time I find something to blog about, Take care, be kind and look after yourselves.

Deb x

A wristlet made in sunflower fabric with contrasting blue vinyl
Making the haley wristlet by kaur thread patterns


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