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Using rivets in bag making.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

When I first started getting into bag making, I was like a magpie with all the gadgets and things you can buy and use and I wanted all of the things all of them. 😁

One of my very first investments was a rivet press a lovely Xmas gift from my son and its still one of my favourite tools that I use daily (as well as my clapper but that's for a different post)

I filmed this the other week to show how I use my press but also the tools that you will get in a rivet set, that are perfect for when you are staring out.

So if you have ever wondered how to use a rivet press, or how to determine what size rivegs to use. I have all the information you need in my video.

If there is a video you would like me to make to help you on your bag making journey feel free to drop me a message.

Until next time happy bag making

Deb x


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