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What is the best zipper to use when making my own handbag?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

This is a quick post today, I get asked a lot what zipper tape do I need for bag making, I tend to use zipper tape by the metre often referred to as continuous zipper tape. This is much more cost effective than buying separate sizes of zipper and means you can match your zippers throughout your bag.

I mostly use Nylon coil zipper tape and zipper pulls as they are strong and come in a variety of colours and teeth finishes. They are easy to manipulate so if you want to square off the ends or sew through the zipper teeth to attach a zipper end it is easier to do with a nylon zipper than metal teeth zipper.

I always use double sided tape to secure my zip in place on my pattern pieces, I find this stops the zips being wavy and gives a better finish.

I hope this short and sweet post has been helpful until next time

Deb x

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