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Why use fusible fleece in your bag making projects?

When it comes to bag making, the right materials can really make or break your project. While sturdy fabrics and high-quality hardware are essential, one material that often gets overlooked is fusible fleece. Fusible fleece is a versatile and convenient interfacing that adds structure, stability, and a touch of luxury to your handmade bags. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using fusible fleece in bag making and provide you with some helpful tips to incorporate it into your projects.

What is Fusible Fleece?

Fusible fleece is a type of interfacing that consists of a layer of soft, lofty fleece with adhesive on one side. The adhesive side can be fused to fabric using heat, providing an extra layer of padding and support. Fusible fleece is available in various weights and thicknesses, allowing you to choose the right one based on the desired level of structure and flexibility for your bag making project.

Benefits of Using Fusible Fleece in Bag Making:

Enhanced Structure and Stability:

Fusible fleece adds body and stability to your bags, preventing them from sagging or losing their shape over time. It provides a supportive layer that maintains the integrity of the bag's design, ensuring it looks professional and well-crafted.

Soft Quilted Cushioned Finish:

The soft fleece texture of fusible fleece gives your bags a luxurious feel. It provides a gentle padding that protects the contents of your bag and adds a plush touch to the exterior. This is especially beneficial for bags intended to carry delicate items such as electronics or valuables.

Easy to Work With:

Fusible fleece is incredibly user-friendly and convenient. It can be easily adhered to fabric with the help of an iron or a heat press, eliminating the need for complex sewing techniques. Its fusible nature saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of bag construction.

Tips for Using Fusible Fleece in Bag Making:

Choosing the Right Fusible Fleece:

Consider the weight and thickness of the fusible fleece based on the specific requirements of your bag. For lightweight bags, opt for a thinner fleece, while heavier or structured bags may benefit from a thicker fleece. Test different options to find the perfect balance between stability and flexibility.

Proper Placement:

To achieve the desired results, it's crucial to place the fusible fleece correctly. Generally, the fleece is applied to the bag's main body panels, lining pieces, and handles. Cut the fusible fleece pieces slightly smaller than the fabric pieces to avoid excess bulk at the seams. Any excess can also be cut away from the seams after sewing if you find there is still too much bulk.

Fusing with Care:

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for fusing the fusible fleece to your fabric. Use a dry, medium heat setting on your iron, and apply even pressure to ensure a secure bond between the fleece and the fabric. Take care not to overheat the fleece, as it may become brittle or lose its loftiness. Using a pressing cloth to cover your pattern pieces as you fuse the fusible fleece will help project both the fabric and the fusible fleece from getting too hot.

Incorporating fusible fleece into your bag making projects can elevate the quality and appearance of your creations. Its ability to provide structure, cushioning, and ease of use makes it an indispensable material for both beginners and experienced bag makers. Experiment with different weights and placements to discover the best way to utilise fusible fleece in your designs. Using quilting techniques along fusible fleece on your pattern pieces can create a totally unique and one of a kind creation. So, the next time you embark on a bag making journey, remember to harness the power of fusible fleece and watch your creations come to life with style and substance.

I offer two types of fusible fleece on the website my own brand light/medium weight fusible fleece and vilene H640 medium weight fusible fleece. Both can be found by visiting the interfacing and stabilisers page on the website. The vilene H640 fusible fleece is slightly heavier and thicker than my own brand.

Until next time happy sewing

Deb x

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