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The Dog Bag Porthole Silicone Patch (30mm) is the perfect accompanment to any dog walking bag or poop bag holder. With its convenient size, it allows you to easily pull through your furry friend's essentials without hassle.


The patch is made of durable silicone material, ensuring it can withstand daily use and wear and tear. Plus, it's easy to sew through, making it a simple addition to your bag-making process.


Make your dog bag stand out with this practical and stylish porthole patch.


Dog Bag Porthole Silicone Patch Material:

Silicone Rubber


Price is per Silicone Patch so buy as many or as few as you need.


Why should I choose Me Made Makes for my bag making supplies?

Give your bag making projects a professional and stylish finish, all of the bag making supplies I sell are the same as I use in all my handmade bags and purses. I source my hardware range from a variety of different suppliers to ensure I can bring you the best range at the best price.

As a bag maker myself I understand the need for good quality products at an affordable price and pride myself on giving excellent customer service.


Dog Bag Porthole Silicone Patch (30mm)