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When someone exclaims wow I love your bag, you can now simply point to the tag and say "Thanks I Made it" This two tone 'Handmade' Metal Tag or label really is the finishing touch to any handcrafted bag or purse and adds a extra level of class.


Two Tone 'Handmade' Metal Tags Labels Available:



Rose Gold.


Two Tone 'Handmade' Metal Tags Labels Size:

12mm x 35mm.


Two Tone 'Handmade' Metal Tags Labels Materials:

Zinc Alloy


How do I apply my two tone handmade metal tag or label?

Each Me Made Makes metal tag or label comes with the washer to secure the prongs in place to your handmade bag or purse. Simple mark where you want to place your two tone handmade metal tag or label carefully make small slits with a seam ripper and feed the prongs through the slits. I always use a small amount of fabric glue where I have made the slits to stop the fabric fraying behind the oval handmade metal tag or label. On the bag of the fabric simply place the washer over prongs and push the prongs flat. I cover with a small amount of duck tape to stop the prongs rubbing against any lining fabric and you two tone handmade metal tag or label is now installed.


Give your makes a professional & stylish finish, all of the bag making supplies I sell are the same as I use in all my handmade bags and purses. I source my hardware range from a variety of different suppliers to ensure I can bring you the best range at the best price.


As a bag maker myself I understand the need for good quality products at an affordable price and pride myself on giving excellent customer service. 


Please note:

Due to sourcing from various suppliers there may be slight variances in colours between hardware across the range I do my best to keep this to a minimum. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's colour may be different from the pictures. All items are described as accurately as possible, please allow for slight variations in size and colour.


Two Tone 'Handmade' Metal Tags Labels