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Handmade Bag Tags and Labels

Handmade metal bag tags and labels  for bag making will give your handcrafted handbags and purses a unique & stylish finish. These 'handmade' metal labels and tags can be added to your bags and purses to let everyone know they have been handmade by your own two hands.

Your bags, your way - Handmade metal tags & label for bag making.

Why should I choose Me Made Makes for my Handmade Bag Tags and Labels?

Me Made Makes handmade bag tags and labels are made of high quality metal to ensure they are incredibly durable and long-lasting. Each tag and label comes with the washers, so you can easily attach them to your bag or other items. These 'Handmade' bag tags and labels provide a stylish, unique touch to any bag or purse, and will make your creation stand out. With various different designs in the handmade bag tag and label range including oval, rectangle and italic and in my standard colour ranges, you're sure to be able to find something to perfectly suit your bag making project.

How do I install my Handmade Bag Tags and Labels?

Each Me Made Makes metal tag or label comes with the washer to secure the prongs in place to your handmade bag or purse. Simple mark where you want to place your rectangle handmade metal tag or label carefully make small slits with a seam ripper and feed the prongs through the slits. I always use a small amount of fabric glue where I have made the slits to stop the fabric fraying behind the rectangle handmade metal tag or label. On the bag of the fabric simply place the washer over prongs and push the prongs flat. I cover with a small amount of duck tape to stop the prongs rubbing against any lining fabric and you rectangle handmade metal tag or label is now installed.

Where can I find out more information on Handmade Bag Tags and Labels?

Stay in the loop with Me Made Makes! Explore the range of handmade bag tags and labels, and don't miss out on new additions. Keep an eye on this page for updates, or join our email list at the page's bottom. Get the first scoop on new products, videos, offers, and events related to our handmade bag tag and label collection.

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