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Adding Structure, Warmth and Style to your bag making projects with Vlieseline Thermolam

Hey there, crafty pals! It's Deb here, and today I'm here to introduce you to a versatile gem that's going to make your crafting projects not only cosier but also oh-so-practical. Say hello to Thermolam by Vlieseline – your secret weapon for adding structure, warmth, and style to various projects.

Thermolam: Your Crafting Companion

Thermolam isn't just your average sew-able wadding – it's a heavyweight, soft, and compact wonder that's ready to elevate your creations. I'm about to walk you through its uses, properties, and the many ways it can enhance your crafting endeavours.

Cosy Creations Galore

Thermolam is a true multitasker when it comes to crafting. Whether you're diving into the world of patchwork, quilting, making pot holders, or even giving your chairs and sofa covers a fresh update, Thermolam is your partner in crime. You can even use it as an ironing pad and cover, protecting sensitive fabrics like beads and sequins. It's like a crafting Swiss Army knife that's ready for anything!

Easy-Peasy Application

Applying Thermolam is as simple as laying it underneath and sewing it together. If you're into quilting, aim for a spacing of 15–20 cm to get that perfect cosy result. And guess what? It's suitable for all fabrics, so no matter what your creative heart desires, Thermolam is there to help you achieve it.

Softness Meets Functionality

The properties of Thermolam are where the magic truly happens. Despite its heavyweight and high density, this sew-able wadding remains remarkably soft. It strikes that perfect balance between providing medium volume and being incredibly easy to work with. Need an ironing underlay? Thermolam has you covered. Plus, its good thermal insulation properties mean that your projects will not only look fantastic but also keep you warm and snug.

Unveiling the Composition

Thermolam's composition is 180gms of 100% PES, which translates to a sturdy yet soft structure that's perfect for all your crafting needs. Worried about maintenance? Don't be! You can give your Thermolam creations a gentle wash at 30 degrees and iron them on a cotton setting. Just remember to skip the tumble dry to keep your projects in tip-top shape.

So there you have it, my creative pals! Thermolam by Vlieseline is your go-to crafting companion when you want to add that touch of warmth, structure, and practicality to your projects. Whether you're quilting, pot holding, or simply creating, Thermolam has your back. Get ready to craft in cozy style and create projects that not only look amazing but also stand the test of time.

Until next time happy sewing and may your bobbin always be full


Chief Stitcher at Me Made Makes

*** Video is by Vlieseline UK

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