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Attaching Zipper Ends to Zipper Tape - Mastering Bag Making Skills.

Updated: Mar 4

In this YouTube tutorial, I delve into the intricate yet rewarding process of attaching zipper ends to zipper tape. You can watch the full tutorial above or by clicking here, where I guide you through each step with clarity and precision. However, allow me to provide some insights and tips to complement your learning experience.

Understanding the Basics:

Zipper ends, also known as zipper stops or zipper tabs, serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. They prevent the zipper slider from sliding off the tape and add a polished finish to your bag.

Materials You'll Need:

Gather your materials before starting the process. You'll need:

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Trimming the Zipper Tape: Begin by trimming the zipper tape to your desired length, ensuring it fits the dimensions of your bag project.

  2. Attaching the Zipper Ends: on the wrong side of the zipper tape, fold the the zipper edges in towards the middle of the zipper tape. You should end up with zipper folded into three with the coil of the zipper tape facing upwards. Ensure they align evenly and securely you can secure with fabric glue to help keep the tape securely folded.

  3. Securing the Zipper Ends: Feed the end of the zipper tape in to the zipper end, apply firm but controlled pressure to ensure a snug fit. Be cautious not to damage the zipper teeth or tape during this process.

  4. Reinforcement (Optional): For added durability you can use a small amount of fabric glue in the zipper end before you put the zipper tape in to the zipper end, this helps to create a more secure fit.

  5. Finishing Touches: Your zipper ends should be securely attached, ready to withstand the rigors of daily use.


Mastering the art of attaching zipper ends to zipper tape is a valuable skill that enhances the quality and durability of your bag projects.

I encourage you to watch the tutorial, follow along, feel free to share your creations and experiences with our vibrant community on social media and in our Facebook group. Together, we continue to inspire and support one another on our creative journeys.

Until next time happy sewing and may your bobbin always be full.

Deb x

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