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tri glides & strap adjusters by Me Made Makes

Bag Making Tri Glides and Strap Adjusters.

Me Made Makes' premium bag strap sliders and adjusters, designed to transform your bag-making projects. Elevate your creations with precision-engineered tri-glide adjusters, tailored to meet the needs of every bag maker. The high-quality bag strap sliders and adjusters provide the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Explore endless design possibilities and bring your bag-making visions to life with confidence, knowing that Me Made Makes has you covered with bag strap sliders and adjusters to suit every project. 

Effortlessly adjust your bag strap with tri glide strap adjusters for bag making,

tri glide.jpg

What sizes and colours are available the bag making bag strap adjuster range?

Me Made Makes tri glide strap adjuster range is available in 16, 20, 25, 32, and 38mm sizes, this is the internal measurement of the tri glide strap adjuster. They are also available in a variety of colour finishes including Gun Metal Black, Silver, Light Gold, Brass, Rose Gold and Rainbow. These high-quality strap adjusters are the perfect accessory for any bag making project, allowing you to easily customise the length of the straps. With my range of sizes and colours in the tri glide strap adjuster range, you can create a unique and stylish look for your bag straps.

Why should I choose Me Made Makes for my bag making bag strap adjusters?

My tri glide strap adjusters come in a wide choice of sizes and colours, giving you the perfect choice for any bag making project. I pay great attention to detail, ensuring my products are first rate quality. Me Made Makes offer excellent customer service and free delivery on orders over £40. 

How do I find out more about the Me Made Makes bag strap adjuster range?

Signing up to the email list at the bottom of the page ensure you will be the first to hear of any new product releases across any range including the tri glide strap adjusters. I also upload videos and tutorials to YouTube which show how to use the products in the tri glide strap adjuster range, subscribers are also the first to be notified of any special offers and events.

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