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Moving my entire sewing studio in 2 days

Updated: Mar 21

Would I recommend doing the above, absolutely not ha ha . Oh my goodness what a long weekend it's been, but it will be so worth it once I am settled and I have found everything I put somewhere safe.

I made the decision a few months back to move my bag making supplies business from the studio I was renting due to a number of factors, it was very noisy on a main road that every contractor in the North East has took a turn into digging up over the last year. A few other factors as well as an impending rent increase meant I knew I had to bite the bullet and just get moved

So the hardware and stock has all been moved and relocated, and my sewing room is now back in my house. I will just be able to roll out of bed into the new sewing room yeah!!!!!!!

It's much quieter so I am planning to get back to filming tutorials really soon and plan try to get a regular schedule for video releases. Let me know in the comments below what sort of videos you would be interested in.

  • Tutorials

  • How to (mini skill builders)

  • Day in the life of the business

  • General sewing/bag making chit chat

  • All of the above....... LOL

Anyway I will leave you with a little picture of Jack and Jill in their new home, watched over by Stevie.

Until next time Happy Sewing

Deb x

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