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Fabriques a new fabric shopping haven now open in Washington Tyne and Wear. A wonderful cornucopia of fabric and haberdashery to replace the gap left by Dainty Supplies.

Updated: 7 days ago

Hey there, crafty comrades and sewing enthusiasts! Have you been longing for the perfect fabric shop ever since Dainty Supplies waved us a tearful goodbye in December 2019? Well, rejoice and dust off those needle and thread because Washington Tyne and Wear has a fantastic new fabric shopping haven that's about to become your favourite hangout – Fabriques!

They have heard your cries for a diverse range of fabrics, and Fabriques has answered the call like a sewing machine on turbo mode! Get ready to dive into a sea of possibilities with their vast collection of fabrics, including bamboo jersey for the eco-warriors, cotton fabrics for the classics, fluffy fleece for the snugglers, classic linen blend fabrics for the effortlessly chic, and lace for the romantics at heart. Oh, but it doesn't stop there, folks! They've got satin fabrics that's smooth as a compliment from a charmer, stretch poly fabrics for the flexible fashionistas, and wait for it – swimwear fabrics that'll make waves at any pool party!

Feeling the luxurious vibes? Luxury velvet fabrics is here to add that touch of elegance to your creations, while the viscose fabrics whispers promises of comfort in every stitch. With all these fabulous options, you'll be spoiled for choice, but hey, decision-making is overrated when it comes to crafting!

Now, let's talk threads and haberdashery! At Fabriques, they've got threads for sewing that are so colorful and vibrant they could make a chameleon jealous. And don't even get us started on their haberdashery selection – it's like a treasure trove for crafters! All the quirky little notions you never knew you needed, they've got it all. Trust us, your sewing kit will thank you.

But wait, there's more! Fabriques loves giving back to the community that stitches it all together. If you're an NHS hero or a student struggling to make ends meet between textbooks and patterns, worry not! Flash your ID card, and you'll be rewarded with delightful discounts that'll make your heart skip a beat, just like when your bobbin runs out at the worst possible moment.

Now, here's a word of advice - be prepared for some seriously delightful customer service. The staff at Fabriques are like the fairy godmothers of fabric, ready to sprinkle their wisdom and enthusiasm to make your creative dreams come true. If you walk in feeling like your sewing skills are more Franken-stitches than haute couture, you'll walk out feeling like Coco Chanel herself!

So, Washington Tyne and Wear, dust off those patterns, unleash your imagination, and get ready to create some magic with Fabriques. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a sewing newbie, this place has something to offer everyone. Oh, and one last thing - don't forget to bring your funny bone along with your shopping bag because laughter is the perfect accessory for any crafting adventure!

See you there, fabulous fabric fanatics! Happy stitching!

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