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Introducing the Seam Guide Ruler with 16 measurements, a must-have tool for any bag making enthusiast! This practical measuring gauge is designed to check seam allowance of 1/4 inch in patchwork, 3/16 inch in applique work and mark seams of 3/16 inch when putting in zips and hem lines.

The yellow and black grid printing makes precise marking on light and dark fabrics easy.

The universal ruler measures 1 x 6 inches, making it compact and easy to store in your bag making supplies kit.

Thick, robust material guarantees precise running of rotary cutters and art knives. 

Suitable for right and left handed use. Extremely precise laser printing on the underside of the rulers prevents optical distortion.


Don't miss out on this essential tool for achieving professional-looking bags every time


Universal Ruler 1 x 6 InchMaterial:



Why should I choose Me Made Makes for my bag making supplies?

Give your bag making projects a professional and stylish finish, all of the bag making supplies I sell are the same as I use in all my handmade bags and purses. I source my hardware range from a variety of different suppliers to ensure I can bring you the best range at the best price. 

As a bag maker myself I understand the need for good quality products at an affordable price and pride myself on giving excellent customer service.


Universal Ruler 1 x 6 Inch -Prym