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Spilling the Tea Weekly Vlog - That was the week that was 20th August 2023

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Reflecting on a Dynamic Week and Exciting Updates Ahead with the Weekly Vlog.

Hey there, fellow group members and supporters! What a week it has been in our vibrant Facebook community! As always, I'm thrilled to share the latest updates and plans that will keep our crafting journey moving forward.

First and foremost, a huge shout out to all the new members who've joined our creative haven this past week. It's heartwarming to see our community grow so much and thrive with fresh perspectives and creative spirits. And speaking of creativity, the wealth of hints and tips that have been exchanged recently has been nothing short of amazing. Keep those fantastic ideas flowing—we're all here to learn, grow, and inspire!

Upcoming Website Maintenance: Important Dates to Note

Now, onto some practical news. My website is gearing up for a little TLC! Starting from Monday, August 21st from 12pm, the website will be taking a short break to spruce things up and ensure that all stock levels are present and correct. Rest assured, I will be back in action by Thursday evening or early Friday morning, so mark your calendars. During this downtime, Sofia will be diligently conducting a full stock check to ensure that our inventory is in tip-top shape. I will do an update once the website is up and running again.

A Glimpse into Future Plans: December Wedding Break

Hold onto your sewing needles because exciting times lie ahead! As the year unfolds, I'd like to give you all a heads up about my upcoming wedding. From December 4th to 10th, I'll be on cloud nine celebrating this joyous occasion. Now, I'm pondering whether to temporarily close the website during this time or simply halt order shipments for the week. I value your input immensely, so as the date draws nearer, I'll be seeking your thoughts on how to best navigate this exciting phase.

A new way to support me and my creative endeavours.

Switching gears a bit, I'm thrilled to share a new initiative aimed at supporting the growth of my community and creative endeavours. I've set up a Patreon account, offering a way for those who wish to contribute to the sustainability of my YouTube Channel and the ever expanding Facebook group. By joining my Patreon community, you're directly empowering my creative journeys. It's a win-win, fostering an environment where our shared passion can continue to flourish.

With this, I wrap up another inspiring week filled with growth, learning, and exciting plans. As we continue to come together, I encourage you all to share your thoughts, suggestions, and creative musings. After all, it's the collective spirit of creativity that makes this community shine.

Until next time happy sewing and may your bobbin always be full.


Chief Stitcher at Me Made Makes.

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